To function as a catalyst and coordinator for tobacco reduction activities in Manitoba


To eliminate tobacco use for a healthier Manitoba.

Our Values

Human Life:

We value the health of all people, smokers and non-smokers alike. We seek cooperation in promoting healthy lifestyle behaviours for the betterment of all members of the community.


We are committed to working with our partners, including government, wherever possible for our joint vision of a tobacco-free society


We respect our partners, colleagues, board members, and the people of Manitoba. In our efforts to curb tobacco use, we do not pass judgement on people. We respect and are sensitive to differences in cultural values, personal beliefs, and traditions.


We are accountable to the people of Manitoba and our partners. With courage and a dedication to service we seek to provide leadership in recognizing opportunities and taking action to mitigate and eliminate the influence of tobacco.

The Four Domains of MANTRA

1. Prevention

Prevent young people and adults from starting to use tobacco and reduce access to tobacco and related products.

2. Protection

Protect the health of non-smokers.


3. Cessation

Help smokers quit smoking.


4. Denormalization

Change the attitudes of Canadians toward commercial tobacco and related products.

2020 - 2021 MANTRA Board of Directors


Rani Chatterjee-Mehta

Deputy Registrar

College of Pharmacists of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Cynthia Carr

Principal Consultant and Epidemiologist

EPI Research

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Dr. Cory Fogel

Dr. Cory Fogel Dentistry

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Dr. Judy Hodge

Regional Co-Director

Community Veterinary Outreach

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Lisa Richards

Medical Officer of Health,
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Donna Turner

Epidemiologist/Provincial Director,
Population Oncology,
CancerCare Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Drena Dunford

Instructor II, College of Pharmacy,
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba