Providing Leadership in Tobacco Reduction

As part of our mandate to be

a catalyst and coordinator for tobacco reduction activities

in Manitoba, MANTRA has

produced several resource

materials that Manitobans

can use to promote prevention

and facilitate cessation.

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any of these materials, please

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This group is open to individuals who have taken approved smoking cessation training (CTE, TRAIN, TEACH, QUIT, PACT, CATALYST). Inside the Community of Practice, members can share knowledge, ask questions, post articles, and give testimonials of success helping people to quit! If you have taken an approved program and would like to join the CoP please contact


Recommendations for a Comprehensive Smoking Cessation Framework

This framework for a Comprehensive Smoking Cessation Strategy

looks at the health and financial impact of smoking in the Province

of Manitoba, the benefits of smoking cessation, existing cessation

resources, target populations and evidence based practices as they

apply to both clinical and non-medical approaches for smoking

cessation. It then recommends a plan for cessation that sets out

a direction with goals and objectives that will positively improve

overall health outcomes while making concerted efforts to reduce

health disparities.




Certified Tobacco Educator Training for Health Professionals (4 Days)


Brief Intervention Training (1 Day) for Health Care workers

Tobacco Basics PP Presentation

MANTRA Awareness & Cessation Tobacco Basics CD

The Tobacco Basics CD is a crash course PowerPoint presentation

on a number of topics related to tobacco. The presentation is highly

customizable including 12 topics that range from the influence of the

tobacco industry to the health and economic impacts of smoking,

to helping people to quit. This resource is perfect for people who want

to expand their knowledge of tobacco issues or want to present these

issues to others. Revised 2012.

MANTRA Motivator Meter

The motivation meter is a fun and effective tool provided to smokers

as an aid in promoting smoking reduction and/or cessation. This

popular tool measures the potential health benefits and amounts

of money that can be saved over selected periods of time, when

a smoker quits. On the reverse side is a list of smoking triggers

and ways to avoid the temptation.

Tobacco Use in Canada: Patterns and Trends

2017 Edition

Now in its seventh edition, this report builds on previous publications, and is a reference on tobacco use in Canada, with a focus on the most current data, as well as trend data between 1999 and 2015. This report uses data from national surveys conducted by Health Canada and Statistics Canada.

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