Providing Leadership in Tobacco Reduction

Partnering to Build and Enhance Tobacco Cessation Capacity

MANTRA is pleased to announce the formation of a partnership that will build and enhance the tobacco cessation capacity of health professionals. This unique partnership involves MANTRA, Cancer Care Manitoba and the University of Manitoba.

As part of the project, Cancer Care Manitoba will expand its smoking cessation program currently offered to cancer patients and their families at its McDermot location in Winnipeg to seven cancer hubs around the province. The program will provide training and support for health professionals to work as a multi-disciplinary team in providing cessation support.

A second component to the partnership will see the University of Manitoba bring together various health related faculties to ensure graduating health professionals have access to learning opportunities in smoking cessation. Training will be available across many health professional disciplines and will enhance capacity and support health professionals to provide effective tobacco cessation interventions.

MANTRA will be the lead organization on the two other components of the agreement. We will partner with the Canadian Network of Respiratory Care (CNRC) to establish a Manitoba based faculty that can train Manitoba health professionals in smoking cessation. MANTRA will also be developing a community of practice for trained persons, so they can share expertise, network and collaborate on issues related to helping people quit.

Health professionals are key partners in helping Manitobans quit. It is widely recognized that when they engage clients around quitting smoking, clients are much more likely to be successful in their quit attempt. MANTRA is very excited to work with these vital partners to help Manitobans quit.

This project has been made possible in part through funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada.




Un partenariat en vue d’intensifier et d’améliorer la capacité d’action en matière d’abandon du tabac

MANTRA a le plaisir d’annoncer la création d’un partenariat permettant d’intensifier et d’améliorer la capacité d’action des professionnels de la santé en matière d’abandon du tabac. Ce partenariat unique en son genre regroupe MANTRA, Action Cancer Manitoba et l’Université du Manitoba.

Dans le cadre du projet, Action Cancer Manitoba étendra son programme d’abandon du tabac actuellement offert aux patients et à leur familles à son bureau, rue McDermot à Winnipeg, à sept centres de traitement du cancer répartis dans toute la province. Le programme offrira formation et soutien aux professionnels de la santé qui, en équipe multidisciplinaire, encourageront à cesser de fumer.

Par ailleurs, grâce au partenariat, l’Université du Manitoba rassemblera diverses facultés du secteur de la santé pour faire en sorte que les futurs professionnels de la santé aient accès à une formation portant sur la désaccoutumance au tabac. Cette formation sera intégrée à de nombreuses disciplines destinées aux professionnels de la santé qui, en retour, auront une meilleure capacité d’action et bénéficieront du soutien indispensable pour des interventions plus efficaces.

Quant à nous, à MANTRA, nous serons chef de file pour les deux autres éléments de l’entente. Dans un premier temps, nous nous associerons au Réseau canadien pour les soins respiratoires afin de fonder un corps professoral au Manitoba capable de former les professionnels de la santé manitobains dans le domaine du sevrage tabagique. Ensuite, nous créerons également une communauté de pratique pour les personnes formées, ce qui leur permettra d’échanger leurs expériences, de faire du réseautage et de collaborer sur des questions liées au sevrage tabagique.

Les professionnels de la santé constituent des partenaires essentiels pour ce qui est d’aider les Manitobains à cesser de fumer. Il est largement reconnu que lorsqu’ils incitent les clients à s’investir dans leur sevrage, ceux-ci ont de bien meilleures chances de réussir. MANTRA est très impatient de collaborer avec ces partenaires cruciaux pour aider les Manitobains à abandonner le tabac.

Ce projet a été rendu possible grâce en partie au financement de l’Agence de la santé publique du Canada.




MANTRA offering Quitting Works

workplace cessation program

What is Quitting Works?

Quitting Works is a workplace smoking cessation initiative designed to be utilized in workplaces to assist employees in their quitting process.

Quitting Works is:

Comprehensive: The best information and resources available to the workplace.

Integrated: Participants learn how they can improve their odds of a successful quit attempt by addressing the physical, psychological and social reasons they smoke.

Evidence Based: All information and resources provided are scientifically proven to help smokers quit. Independent evaluations confirm that this program greatly improves a person’s chance of quitting.

There are three components to the on-site activities:

1. Presentation to Management: MANTRA will meet with your senior staff and/or management at the worksite to provide an overview of the project. If management agrees to partner with MANTRA, you will receive a “Next Steps” document and a promotion plan which will help organize and promote the project in the workplace.

Working with you to make it happen!

2. Lunch ‘n’ Learn: The workplace provides a lunch ‘n’ learn for all employees, including non-smokers, ex-smokers and smokers, in order to create a supportive environment for Quitting Works. At this 30 minute lunch ‘n’ learn presentation, MANTRA provides promotional materials and a draw for healthy living prizes to kick off Quitting Works.

3. Quitting Works Session: This is a two hour session that includes a presentation on issues related to smoking including nicotine addiction, self assessment, the pros and cons of quitting, as well as an introduction to the best quit resources available to participants. The session is led by a team of trained quit specialists including a pharmacist who will speak about quit medications like Zyban, Champix and various nicotine replacement therapies. After the session, participants are provided take home materials including brochures, pamphlets, and 2 weeks supply of nicotine replacement therapy to assist them in their quit attempt.



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