Providing Leadership in Tobacco Reduction


Manitoba TEACH Reception

Despite the decline in smoking over recent years and a trend of youth choosing

to not take up the habit, there are still 187,000 Manitobans who smoke. Surveys

taken in recent years reveal that approximately 77% or 143,990 of these smokers

want to quit. The huge number of remaining smokers combined with the general

desire to quit, provides health professionals with a huge opportunity to save lives

and save money to the health care system by providing cessation counselling.

Generally, people think of cessation counselling as taking place in a clinical setting

between doctors or nurses and their clients but it is important that cessation

is addressed not only in medical clinics and hospitals but in community settings

as well.

Smoking affects so many areas of health that every health professional needs

to be concerned about its effects. Dentists, for example can speak to the oral health

problems created by smoking, optometrists can talk about potential eye problems,

pharmacists can engage people around products that deal with the physical addiction

of smoking, nurses can engage clients on the topic in a number of ways. Each health

professional will have a unique perspective on the benefits of quitting that can prompt

their patients to make a quit attempt.

Due to the great importance of promoting cessation training across the health

professional spectrum, MANTRA, the WRHA, the Province of Manitoba, Health

Sciences Centre and Dr. Annette Schultz Research Group were pleased to bring

in the acclaimed TEACH cessation training from Ontario’s Centre for Addiction and

Mental Health.  In celebration of this course coming to Manitoba, and to help build

a community of practice around cessation, MANTRA and our partners hosted

a TEACH Manitoba reception on Wednesday, February 13 at the Helen Glass Centre

for Nursing at the University of Manitoba.

The evening was meant to emphasize inter-professional collaboration in cessation

counselling and attendees benefited from hearing from people belonging to a variety

of professional disciplines. The evening began with a program where attendees

heard from the various speakers followed by a wonderful evening conversing with

other players in tobacco reduction. People who came to the reception heard from

former TEACH participants and other members of Manitoba’s tobacco reduction


During the program, the chair of MANTRA’s board, Dr. Beverly Temple welcomed

everyone on behalf of MANTRA and introduced our speakers for the evening.

Margie Kvern and Kristine Petrasko from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

spoke about the TEACH training they had previously taken and the value that it added

to Margie’s work in tobacco reduction programming and Kristine’s work as a Regional

Pulmonary Educator.

Margie and Kristine’s positive experiences with TEACH were reinforced by Nurse

Therapist Margaret Green and Anaesthesiologist Dr. Archie Benoit who also spoke

about how TEACH training helped them address smoking cessation with their patients.

Dr. Annette Schultz from the University of Manitoba presented to the group, focusing

on the importance of building and supporting a community of practice in cessation.

Dr. Ruby Grymonpre from the U of M then spoke of a vision for cessation training for

the future and the role that inter-professional education could play in the future

of cessation training.

It was exciting to see that there is growing interest around increasing cessation

training for health professionals as well as building a community of practice across

the health spectrum.




Stop Smoking Clinics held at Red River Ex

MANTRA was pleased to be a participant again in June 2012, at the GO4HEALTH

EXPO during the Red River Exhibition. Along with other partners, including WRHA,

Walmart and Loblaws Pharmacies, Johnson & Johnson and many other

organizations, Mantra participated to promote a tobacco-free day that we hope

will lead to tobacco reduction and cessation. As part of the activities, Nicotine

Replacement Therapy (NRT) and other resources were made available free

of charge to midway workers and patrons of the Ex. Over 100 people received

the NRT to aid them in their quit attempt.



Walmart Healthopoly

MANTRA was pleased to work with Walmart once again this year as part of the

annual Healthopoly that ran this summer out of Walmart’s Empress Street location.

The Healthopoly is a fun way of promoting healthy living based on the famous

board game Monopoly. Customers visiting the store were encouraged to stop

at street themed stations and talk to organizations about various health and healthy

living issues. In turn, the participants received a ballot from the stations for draw

prizes. MANTRA participated as part of the smoking cessation informational booth.

The people who visited our station learned about various cessation programming

that was going on in the province and had the opportunity to take self-help materials

as well as receive a nicotine gum starter pack if they were hoping to quit smoking.

There was $1200 worth of draw prizes available for people who participated. The

event was well attended, with nearly 500 people taking it in.

Event organizer and Walmart pharmacist Roger Tam has worked with MANTRA

many times in the past, participating in Mantra’s Tobacco Awareness and Cessation

programming, Roger informs clients about the many excellent pharmaceutical

options that can help smokers quit. We are thankful to Roger and Walmart for

the opportunity.












On the Road to a Tobacco-Free Manitoba

Provincial Consultation – Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On May 16, 2012, MANTRA and Manitoba Health and Healthy Living, Seniors and

Consumer Affairs jointly hosted a half day consultation meeting with government

and non-government agencies to explore what lies ahead on The Road to

a Tobacco-Free Manitoba. The 5 table topic discussions were as follows: Defining

a “Tobacco-Free Manitoba” with indicators for assessing progress; and Key

 Strategies to achieve measurable progress towards a Tobacco-Free Manitoba

in the areas of “Protection” “Prevention”, “Cessation” and De-normalization”. The

information gathered will be written into a report for presentation to government.

MANTRA will keep you posted with more information as it becomes available.



Smoke-free Multi-Unit Dwellings (MUDS) Workshop

Thursday, May 3, 2012 @ Norwood Hotel


On May 3, 2012, MANTRA and MB Lung Association co-hosted a 1-day workshop

to address the issues surrounding smoking and multi-unit dwellings. Guest

presenters, Pippa Beck and Melodie Tilson from the Non-Smoker’s Rights

Association were brought in from Ottawa to facilitate this event and bring some

attention to this issue.

The workshop was very well attended with 23 participants, representing many

different public and private sectors. This ranged from a landlord, 2 tenants,

a condo owner and a condo board member, and some property managers.

There was also representation from varying health sectors, including two RHAs,

Canadian Mental Health Association, Manitoba Housing and Mb Healthy

Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs. Beatrice Watson from the Human Rights

Commission and Ernie Gagnon from Residential Tenancies of Winnipeg spoke

to the participants on tenant/landlord rights and were available for questions as

well. There were very good participant discussions, and the information provided

was well received.

Media was invited to cover this event. CBC Radio interviewed Pippa on the 6:50am

morning show and CTV interviewed Pippa, as well as Ernie Gagnon from

Residential Tenancies and Kristin Bishop from Brydges Property Management,

which aired on the evening news.

The workshop had an evaluation component, where we received 20 evaluations

from the 23 participants. Of those, 12 rated the workshop overall as a 5 (excellent),

and 8 rated it a 4 (good). That’s an average of 4.6 out of 5, or 92%.

Overall, this event was well attended and MANTRA is very pleased with the outcome.



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